Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Kids dayout at MOA

After a delicious lunch that we had at Dither's 10th bday celebration at MAx Restaurant on Sunday, my nieces, nephews, SIL and bro went to MOA (Mall of Asia). I am so kill-joy that afternoon bec. i don't want to go with them (too bad I'm not feeling well that time or else i will go with them).

Anyway, they went to the mall to shop and the boys went inside the Science Discovery (forgot the real name) to watch some displays. I know they enjoyed their time there bec. they told me that they want to come back there again. The photos were taken by my nephew KARLO.

I have never been to Mall of Asia since it opened and I often hear that it was so big that a whole day is not enough to stroll all the shops there. Just in case you didn't know Mall of Asia is the biggest mall here in the Phils and one of the biggest in the world!!! Yay i have to be there soon!
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