Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I thought I'm going to die !!!

Hello everyone, we are finally back from our 4 day holidays at Port MacQuarie here at NSW Australia. It was a long weekend here in OZ land so we make the most of it. My bro in law drove the car for almost 4 hours (just stopped for lunch) and geez that is a long drive. We stayed at a nice 3 bedroom apartment with kitchen and all and the best part is it is almost overlooking at the beach. Ahhhh what a nice holiday.

Anyway, we have lots of things that have done there, but i will just share it in my future posts. I will just share this scary but funny thing that happened to me while we were there.  We went for a swim at the apartment's swimming pool in the afternoon with the kids. The kids are with my bro in law and they took the 1st plunge at the pool.

I followed them while Micah and my sister was watching me behind. I went to the pool and hop in the sides while my bro in law was looking at me. Not thinking that it was deep, i decided to take the next step but little did I know it was over 6 feet deep.!!!!!! I tried to paddle my feet hoping to float and moving my hands to grab someone. I swallowed water and I wanted to shout but I was drowning. Sis saw me and told bro in law to get me. Bro inlaw grabbed me on my hands before I even lost my breathe. Luckily he was there to save me !! 

I thought that the pool was not that deep since I saw Aussie kids just jumping in there. Hahaha I didn;t realize that kids here at young age are being thought how to swim already.. Yay, I really can't swim !!!

Anyway, after that we are all laughing and joking about the incident. I am just thankful to God that I am still alive!!!! More stories to come.

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