Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Micah dropped my DSLR !!!!!!

Wow it's already past 12 midnight here in OZ Land and i am trying to keep myself awake just to finish all my assignments for the week. I wanted to finish them all early because we will be leaving for Port Mac Quarie (beach) on Thursday and we will be back on Monday already. It will be our first long getaway here in Australia since I arrived here on Sunday. It will be a 5 hr. no traffic drive and wow for sure i'll be burning my butt at the car, lol.

Anyways, I had a great time with the kids this afternoon and we played some ball games at the backyard. I took some photos of the kids and i had few too. Micah came from a night out on her friend's house and asked me if she can view all the pictures that iI took. I was playing around with her siblings when I heard a "tug" sound and when i looked I saw that my Canon Rebel dropped to the pavement.

I shouted so loud and of course my 1st instinct was to get angry at her bec. she dropped my camera. I was so mad at her that i took it from her and examined it. She was lucky enough that the lens didn;t break or any of the parts or else I will give her something. Gosh I was so afraid that it might not work properly but I reckon it was just a small bump.

Anyway, sorry no pictures yet to share here, bec. I don't think they will let me use my card reader and m photoshop at the Mac , poor thing. I am also trying to work around using it since I am used at Windows. I will find a way to share some pics maybe after our vacation from the beach. Have a great day everyone it's 1 am now here so I have to go now..

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