Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hide your I.P. address

I just love blogging and surfin’ the net almost everyday especially if I have all the time where I can surf the net endlessly. There are so many information and lots of sites that are out there that I still wanted to explore. There are times when I visited a blog or a site they have a widget saying you have this ip address and if you leave a comment or something they can even tell what country you are from, your ip no., and even what windows you are using. I think that is pretty cool but there are times you want to be invisible where no one can track you back.

It’s not that I want to hide bec. I want to do something bad but I want some privacy sometimes especially from hackers who have nothing to do in their life but bug some people. I just found out that we can actually while we surf the net by using a “hide IP address" software. You can check out the software at http://www.hide-my-ip-address.com and we can surf the net now w/o fear.

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