Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm getting busier each day

phewww... i just hate it when I feel pressured and kinda in a rush mode.. I have only few more days and i will be flying soon and with that i have do arrange some things here at my shop. I have to endorse some paper works (BIR thingy) etc. to my sisinlaw so that everything will be in order. I will be away for 3 months and she will be the one to manage our internet cafe and i just hope she can manage it with at ease. She has 2 kids to take too so i know she will be busy around here.

Micah and I have been goin to many places which is mostly shopping and sometimes she is complaining that she has not done something spectacular We told her that beaches and great theme parks are away from our place so we really need to schedule that. I just can't wait for my trip.... Have a great day everyone!!!

Quick add: the maniac appeared again last night, wooolah he never gets tired of showing his "patoytoy" ("thing") to me and customers, lol, it's his 3rd time.. he really sucks and sick to the bone!!!!. Gosh i always forgot to grab my cam and snap a photo of him (next time i will post his pic hahaha) yuck.

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