Saturday, January 12, 2008

Busy shopping for pasalubongs

Hello guys, just one more week and I will be leaving with Micah and I am kinda excited but I feel I am in a hurry, yay! Anway, Micah and I have gone shopping yesterday; we went to Tiendesitas and Megamall. Actually we were looking for some pasalubongs for my sister and bro in law, I bought a nice native placemat for my sister, a small antique box where she can make it as a d├ęcor on her house and a mother of pearl bracelet. I hope she will like it, I wanted to buy the capiz lamp shade but I had second thoughts.

I had a tough time looking for a present to my bro inlaw, I wanted a personalized calendar of his kids like what my co-bebots are making but I got no photos and I have no more time to do it. Wish I got that idea long before, so right now I still have no present for him.

On Monday I will be goin to Divisoria and I will be buying more of my stuff (it’s never ending shopping), I am also thinking of buying some fancy native necklaces that I can also give as presents and a beach bag. And since I can’t buy one of those diamond pendants, I think I’d just buy myself some pretty bling blings and fancy ones that I can use everyday, there are many necklaces there. I hope I can finish all my shopping or else I will be burnt out.

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