Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 Yr. Old Maria Aragon Talks to Lady Gaga

After making Lady Gaga cry when she saw the video of Maria doing a cover of her song, this 10 yr old Fil-Canadian newest Youtube sensation Maria Aragon was able to speak with Lady Gaga when she was invited at a radio show in Canada.

Maria was brought into tears when she heard Lady Gaga speaks. She was speechless for a while and the only question she uttered to Lady Gaga is where did she get her outfits?. Lady Gaga was so sweet and even invited Maria to do a duet with her when she'll come to Canada for a concert.

The little girl's dream is coming into reality and I hope she'll remain humble and sweet and for sure she'll go places.


  1. Maria Aragon is a very lucky girl to have made it on YouTube and to be able to sing a duet with Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga) at her Canadian concert. I've seen a few of Stefani Germanotta's pop song videos and I understand that she writes all her own music. She seems to be a really nice person.

  2. saw this on the news last night! mabuhay ang pilipino talent!


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