Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bad Skin

My 7 yr.old niece has colds right now. Must be because she got it from her brother who is also sick these days. The weather was just crazy and I think that made the kids so sickly. Aside from having colds, dear niece got some rashers on her skin once again. Her skin was just too sensitive to almost anything. There's once instance when she got so itchy because of the antibiotics that a doctor gave her once but most of the times, she's itchy due to dusts and other pollutants.

Her mom already consulted the doctor and told that she's got mild eczema that can still be treated. I'm also advising her to take a look and read some info at for she can get more knowledge about that kind of skin ailment. Poor niece, I can see her scratch and whine coz of too much itchiness. I wish she'll not suffer much as her skin has lots of dark scars already.

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