Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thankful Sunday

It's our Town Fiesta today and as usual it's all about thanksgiving and eating the whole day. Here are some of the things that I'm thankful for today.

1. Delicious dishes that my SIL and brother cooked for the fiesta. Thankfully, I ate a lot today without feeling guilty and don't have to think about diet pills for women after having taste all the dishes that they cooked.
2. Some friends coming over for a good lunch.
3. Creamy fruit salad that I made.
4. Time to go the mall. Before going home, I decided to go to SM to buy some of my stuff. I'm also trying out some shoes but it's already half an hour of trying out some of the designs, still I could not find that will suit my taste and size.
5. New leather bag. My order came few days ago from a friend in the US and it's my first time to use it today. Love the bag for it's spacious, light weight and smells so nice haha (love the smell of leather).

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