Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Weekend Thoughts

Wow it's Sunday once again and another week was about to finish. I'm looking forward for the new things that will happen next week and I'm all open arms to embrace all the blessing and trials that will come.

Anyway, I'm also set to visit my doctor come Wednesday to really know what's happening with my digestion. If my doctor encourages me to find colon cleanse product that works then I'll heed her advise. I just need to find the real reason for the pains I'm having. With the grace of the Lord, I know I will be healed. I also need to be brave because no one can help me expect myself. I have to address my health issues once and for all.

I also need to finish lots of online tasks that was showered to me this weekend so I will not be too loaded by next week. Later on, I need to stop by the nearest mall to buy some of my personal supplies and I know that visit will make me stop by the shoes and bag

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