Monday, February 7, 2011

Meeting an Old Friend

I chanced upon a good friend of mine way back in elementary the other weekend inside the jeepney and we had fun talking about the good old days and our present life. She told me that she re-married and had another daughter. I was even more shocked to know that at our age, she already had 7 grandchildren. WOW! Amazing,I learned that 2 of her daughters married very early at age 15. yay! Oh well, that's life! We really never know what our future beholds.

We're going to the mall when we saw each other and she's going to canvass and look for dan gable wrestling shoes that one of her godson will use for the school (p.e) physical education class while I need to buy some computer stuff for my shop. It's always good to see someone after long time and had a good talk.

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