Friday, February 18, 2011

The Big Move

My youngest sister and her husband always dreamed of owning a big and spacious house for their growing family. It seems that their 2-storey house doesn’t fit their family’s activities and house stuff anymore so even though it’s heartbreaking for my sister to leave that house where they started their family, her husband insisted on selling the house and just move to the apartment first.

Slowly, they moved and have their house constructed by mid May 2010. I saw the developments of their house building through the photos that she posted at her facebook account. I was happy to see that their dream house is finally coming to a reality. The house was completed by end of December but still there are some areas that needed some paintings and flooring according to my sister.

With the house almost complete, my sister started to pack their things and that’s where the real work started. Putting things on different boxes and making sure she labeled them well so she’ll not have a hard time what to know what’s inside of that box. They slowly transported boxes and other furniture from time to time to their new house as they’re really so excited.

Finally, just last weekend, I heard from my sister that they are finally moving. I know that it’ll be a tiring work to unpack their things but knowing that there’ll be in their own house makes me feel happy and I wish I was there to help her.

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