Monday, January 17, 2011

Cool Weather

Oh it's windy and cold outside right now. There's no typhoon or storm but it's just brought about by Northeast monsoon hovering in Luzon and tail-end of a cold front affecting Southern Luzon and Visayas according to PAG-ASA. Yesterday it was raining that made the weather cooler than many other days.

Last night, I could hear the loud gusty wind before I went to bed and I could not sleep without wearing a light jacket. With the weather like this, it's so conducive to sleeping and lazing around the house. Other than that, it's perfect to eat, eat and eat. Just make sure you get enough exercise or you need to burn those fats. Start by reading hydroxycut review online while you're surfing the net.

I believe that this kind of weather will prevail till February according to the news. I remember tweeting it was already 18.6 C in Manila last January 5. That temp was cold for us already since we're always used yo 30-34C in temperature so when the temp drops below 24 then it's very unusual for us already. In Benguet in was noted to have 6-7C early this month and the farmers are so worried for their root crops develop frosts and making it wilt.

Anyway, I'm also enjoying this cool weather because for sure come March to May we'll be experiencing hot summer once again.. Yay!

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