Thursday, September 15, 2016

BER Months

Wow.. I can't believe it .. it's already half way of SeptemBER.. and soon December will be here once again. It's only in the Philippines where people got excited when BER months come because it only means that Christmas and other holiday will come. I'm pretty sure that most of us want to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is the time for family reunion, old classmates' gathering and time to be with our friends and relatives. Though during holidays it can mean more spending because of gifts to buy and also places to explore .. but nothing beats the feeling of happiness it can give.

Our family always gather during Christmas time and it's always a grand reunion for all of us where we can be together though 2 of my sisters and their family are living overseas now. There are times that they go home for holiday vacation. It was in 2013 where we are all complete (sans my dad who dies in 1989 already) and it was a blast.

Hoping for a grand Christmas time again this year.

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