Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cleaning Up

Adgitize before, now its Entrecard! It’s just so sad to know that Entrecard has closed down/ I know that many bloggers all around the world feel the lost. Actually, I just gave Entrecard a second chance when I came back using it just about 2 months ago. With my desire to increase my traffic and improve my alexa ranking on my blogs that’s why I decided to re-install the tool and it’s widget on all my blogs again.

I was “dropping” actively for the last months and happy to see that  my blogs are improving but hey the site was gone without warning. I noticed on Sept. 19th that I could not login at my entrecard toolbar and their widget is down. Anyway, I think everything has an end and it’s Entrecard’s time to say goodbye.

I already uninstalled my Entrecard toolbar today and I’ll be removing all their widgets on my blogs.



  1. It's a shame to see EC go. I've replaced the widget with Project Wonderful...

    It's all about advertising rather than reciprocal drops. It sends fewer visitors but they tend to visit more pages and interact more.

  2. It hates to see them go too :( I removed my widget the other day as well.


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