Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Love for Gardening

My 79 yr.-old mom definitely has a green thumb for she’s good in growing plants and gardening. Her love for plants and trees can be attributed to her father (my grandpa) who is a farmer back then. Grandpa used to plant rice and many vegetables at the field that he has been renting for many years back when he was still alive. I’m sure mom was exposed to planting activities that’s why it’s not unusual that she acquired grandpa’s planting skills.

Mom has a small garden in our front yard where she kept neat all the time. I often see her working on her garden planting, removing weeds, watering her plants/trees or just keeping the area clean. Right now, we have fruit trees (atis, mango and papaya) and many plants that look so healthy and well taken cared of.

If given the chance or if my sched would permit, I’d love the idea of toiling the soil and getting dirty as well especially now that flowering plants and herbs can be ordered easier at the nursery or even online just like at The Growers Exchange. It’s a great place for those who love gardening for they can find wide array of plants and supplies. Even those living in condos or don’t have enough space to grow plants will have no more reason not to plant because there are pots or containers where you can grow them. There are many plants that you can also grow indoors therefore making your house “green”.

Soon, I would love to have this Artichoke 'Imperial Star' flower in our backyard. I hope mom will plant one or if not I’ll try my hand in gardening too.

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  1. my husband said that my FIL has a green thumb too that's why when they were still young, they have plenty of plants in their back yard. too bad my FIL passed away already that the kids didn't get to enjoy the said back yard


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