Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Exercise Energized Me

Oh dear, this bed weather is making me sooooo lazy. The monsoon rain just passed and now typhoon HELEN just came in the country since last week. It’s been raining continuously and I just hope this storm will not leave too much destructions.

I’m also having some back and hip pains for the last 2 days now and I believe it is due to prolonged sitting in the chair while using my computer. Aside from that, I believe it is caused by my wrong position in bed while I’m sleeping because I woke up with back pains too. arghhh..

Today, I decided to do some exercise and I started it with some good stretching when I get up from my bed. Later on, I opened my pc and searched some zumba dance moves on Youtube and I found some that I followed.

I did some dancing for 30 mins and that already made me feel good and light. I have not done it in a while so this is refreshing. I feel energized afterwards even if I didn’t sweat a lot. I just need to do this more often so my sedentary lifestyle will be broken again.


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