Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Loading Station Business

A very good friend of mine has ventured into business. She’s been telling me about opening a loading store where she can sell pre-paid cellphone/internet or game cards, cellphone loads and other service that involves cellphones. I’m just so happy for her because she finally had her dreams come through. Being a friend, I’ll support her all the way, I even made some small signage just a short bond paper sizes to get her started.

The business opened just few weeks ago and I heard that it’s doing well because the location is a busy area, which is very good. I also advised her to make a big tarpaulin for her business name and another one for the services that she offered. Those signage can attract more customers to come to her store.

Word-of-mouth is good but nothing beats if you’ll make your store be known through advertising or marketing. I have been seeing a lot of companies or stores doing all sorts of advertisements from giving away flyers, brochures, business cards etc. just to make their business known. These days, business owners need not worry where to order their brochures, posters etc. because they can even order online already. Conquest Graphics, an online printing company offers wide range of quality and affordable printing services. Don’t be left behind, advertise your company or store not just online on sites/blog and social networking sites but also via traditional forms of advertisement.

I know my friend’s business will prosper in no time as long as she’ll put her heart and dedication on it plus if she needs to know her customers’ needs.

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