Saturday, September 22, 2012

Working in the Hospital

I sure have experienced working in the hospital specifically in the laboratory in my college days during my internship. Sad to say though that I'm not practicing my profession as a Medical Technologist anymore. God gave me a different career path and I happy and contented with it eventhough it's far cry from the medical field that I learned and experience before. It only shows that if you're not successful in the field that you are in now, sooner or later, God will show your new road to success.

I noticed that almost all of us in the family didn't end up using our medical skills later in our life. I reckon we took the wrong course in college lol. My older sister is a midwife but she's working now as a medical secretary of a surgeon in one of the hospitals in Riyadh. Her friends are mostly nurses and doctors and she often see them hunting for scrubs on sale online. My youngest sister is a registered nurse but she end up being a cake maker/designers, party planner and entrepreneur in Sydney.

It's amazing how God can turn our lives, it can be a 360 degrees turn but of course those turns are also the result of our own decision.

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