Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shopping the Australian Way

How can I ever forget my vacation in Australia in 2005, 2006 and 2008 that my sister and her husband sponsored? Seeing my passport stamped with a 3-month stay each visit always made me ecstatic. Aside from going to various tourists spots (Opera House, Blue Mountains, The Great Barrier Reef (my fave!) and more), I also experienced a taste of their culture, met some new friends, tasted delicious foods and of course go on shopping!

My sister and I bonded together as we painstakingly go through the racks at Big W, Target, David Jones etc. Sis always took me to a store where there is also a sale and I remember my sister hoarding some clothes and toys for her kids at Big W and put them on lay-by. I had some few purchases as well but there are times that I need to convert the prices to our currency to see if I really got a good deal. My shopping experience was highlighted when we went at the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney where you can find upscale brand stores such as Versace, Polo, DKNY and more. Even though we did not buy expensive products, yet it was an awesome feast on our eyes.

I was also overwhelmed on how aggressive their local department stores in promoting their products. The catalogues with promos and discounts that we got on the mailboxes are enough for us to be excited to go shopping and check out the products. I literally found myself perusing all the paper catalogues checking their deals. I can say that I got many sale items that I was able to bring back home. 

These days, shopping is even made easy using the internet. In Australia, Lasoo.com.au comes in handy for many Australian shoppers as they can  easily browse all the various catalogues of different department stores all at the same time and see what they offer. Searching by category, brands, retailers and even catalogues that include Big W, Crazy Clarks, Myer, The Reject Shop and clark rubber catalogue  just to name a few will make your shopping even faster.
Just some of the benefits that a shopper can get from browsing online are they don’t need to wait for the paper catalogues anymore for they can simply go online and browse and you can be ahead of everyone in terms of seeing the latest deals. I’ll have to make sure the my sister will know this website for she can manage her shopping properly being a busy mom and an entrepreneur.

It's also my wish to come back in Australia in the near future for I intend to see my sis and her family plus I would love to experience shopping via the Australian way all over again.

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