Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Taking Care of our Elderly

While I was going through some photos on our old album the other day, I can’t help myself but to miss my grandmother (mother-side) when I saw our old photos. She was hardworking and can still manage to sell her homemade condiments in our neighborhood even though we told her not to work anymore because she’s old already. She did not die because of a major ailment or disease but it’s probably due to her old age where her body can’t function well anymore. She left us at age 93 and if would have been nice if she can stay for more years but it’s already God’s will.

When she can no longer walk properly or take care of herself, her daughter who never married is mostly on her aid. Aunt bathes her and assists her in so many ways without hesitation. It’s like giving back all the love that grandma showered her children when they are still young. Of course, at times we also give our support in whatever we can. 

In no time, it’ll be my turn to take care of my mom. She is turning 80 this year but she’s still strong, mobile and quite healthy though her blood pressure tends to shoot up at times. When the time comes when she can no longer do things on her own like going to the comfort room, I know it’ll be a good help to put the MoliCare comfort plus briefs on her for her comfort. In addition, there are also some helpful products that we can now purchase at like mobility devices, medical supplies, beddings etc. just in case you need some stuff for your elderly at home.

In Home CareIt’s pretty hard to see senior people that has no relatives around them all the time because in some other countries, their elderly are just placed in senior homes. Please take care of our elderly for when it’s our time, we can have the same good treatment.

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