Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Family-friendly Home Décor

If you are planning for a new arrival there is much to do – outfitting the nursery is likely top of the list with a focus on a crib, crib mattress and a glide rocker – all of the things you will need as soon as the bundle of joy arrives. Savvy parents-to-be do as much research as possible upfront and make sue to sign up on the baby registry of the local bed and bath store; this way well-meaning gift givers will be more likely to proffer up what you want and need instead of something you will need to return or exchange.
It’s never too early to plan ahead and a new baby means home décor changes beyond the nursery. It’s important to make the bathroom safe and functional so everything from the bathtub needs thoughtful review and consideration. Cleaning supplies and hazardous items should not be stored under the sink; if they are stored in the vanity you will need to install a childproof lock. Even the actual bathroom hardware such as drawer pulls and knobs should be scrutinized to see if the are or can be childproofed or should instead be replaced. 

Bath time is a big part of parenting and you will want to be comfortable and keep baby safe. Invest in things like a bath spout protector and a water temperature gauge; a shampoo rinse cup will help to keep tears at bay. A bath seat or chair or a kneeling pad will make it easier for you to lean over the tub and bathe your child or supervise bath activities as you child grows up. Keep bath toys safely stored in a caddy or net bag secured to the tub enclosure wall with suction cups.

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