Saturday, December 15, 2012

Winners of the 1st Amazing Race Phlippines

It's very surprising that celebrity friends LJ and CJ are the winners of the 1st Amazing Race Philippines but they deserve it!
LJ and CJ: Winners of the 1st Amazing Race Phlippines
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They are very competitive to think that they didn't have the chance to be in the first place ever in any leg.  I think the last leg really made them won! CJ was great doing the roadblock wherein she needs to put all the proper regions in order. CJ also didn't gave up eventhough she fell many times riding the motorbike. It was a team effort and just like in many other Amazing Race, you'll never know who'll win for there are many possibilities that will happen along the way.

FAUSTO and DAYAL bagged the 2nd place and they gave a good fight too. They have many errors along the way but they also didn't give up.

MARC and KAT got the 3rd place, surprising too because they have been winning 1st place on many legs. Marc got stranded for more than 3 hours at one roadblock and that made Kat lost her eagerness to race.

I enjoyed watching Amazing Race Philippines and hoping to watch more future seasons.

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