Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to Deal with Aggressive Preschoolers

Preschoolers are at an impressionable age in their lives. When someone is aggressive or violent with them, chances are they will imitate that behavior as well. When you’re working at a preschool such as the one at, you may see a few children with these behavior tendencies. It can be hard to run a classroom when you have kids who decide to be disruptive and cause conflict with other students. These kids may hit, bite, name call, pull hair, or throw temper tantrums. It’s up to you to confront these issues so kids will understand the appropriate way to act in your classroom.


For kids to effectively learn about correct behavior, be sure you clearly communicate with them. If you see an aggressive action occurring, stop it right way. Use a firm but loving voice so the child will match your mood. Refrain from yelling and know that violence is never an acceptable answer in this setting. Understand the child’s perspective and validate him for feeling the way he does. Tell him that his action was not the right way to respond and tell him how another child may feel about his aggression. Instruct the child on how to effectively communicate and achieve what he wants. Take your time and do not rush through these conversations so your message can sink in.

Disciplinary Actions

In order for a child to understand consequences, you must give punishment and rewards when appropriate. A time-out may be the right answer in certain situations. It gives the child time to cool off and space from the other kids. After a few minutes have elapsed, the child will likely be ready to apologize and make restitutions for his actions.

Remember to give praise when it’s due.

If your kids are good, attentive students that day, feel free to give them stickers on a chart that monitors their daily behavior. After a child gets so many stickers, he can receive a prize. If a child’s behavior does not improve and maybe even worsens, you may need to consult the parents. For ideas on how to run a preschool smoothly, visit

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