Thursday, September 5, 2013

Work and Blessings

Working at home is something that I have not dreamed of but I have been working at home for the last 6 years now and I'm totally satisfied with my current and chosen career. Eventhough I also have a small net cafe where I have several computers that my customers rent, I still regard my online work as my primary source of income.

I feel so blessed with what I have done online and I'm continuously praying that more works will come by. There are times that works are overflowing while there are days when they are scarce and that is the time when I feel low and impatient.

Though I think I have mastered the art of waiting and researching, I was able to bounce back into full-time blogging in not time. Works started pouring in again and I feel so blessed. Just few weeks ago I got disappointed with one particular contact and I totally lost it. However, that didn't put me down as I new offers come by and it was overflowing this time.

I'm so thankful to the Lord for all the things coming and it's really true that when you share and wait, something will good will come back.

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