Thursday, August 22, 2013

All Flooded

Maring and Habagat wreak havoc in our country this week and it left thousands of people displaced from their homes.

A lot of provinces and some towns have been declared State of Calamity due to the severe damages on thier areas and that includes our town. It's pretty hard to watch the news everyday and see all the people asking and begging for food in the relocation centers. They have no food and only have little clothes that they brought with them. A lot of kids and elders are getting sick already with cough, colds, fever, fungal infection and other ailments. Thankfully, there are medical missions being given by the gov't and non-gov't organizations and they are a big help.

Up until today and tomorrow, some of the areas will still have no classes due to floods. I wish that floods will subside fast in many areas so that the people will be back to their normal lives.

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