Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Walking with Sophie

Ahhhh.. what a nice cool/cold weather we are having lately.

Enjoying the nice weather even though I got a bad cold since last week. Since the weather is like that, I have decided to start my walking/jogging with my dog Sophie. Just last Friday, we went out at 6:30 am and go to the nearest village where joggers and bikers are going. The weather was gloomy and sometimes windy and eventhough Sophie and I walked for an hour or so, we didn't even sweat.

We've been walking twice already and planning to walk again maybe Mon-Wed and Friday so I have continues exercise. After walking, I can feel that my body is energized and have feel alert. I'm not aiming to loose weight because I'm already skinny but walking can make my blood flowing, can improve my posture and can divert my mind to something else.

I'm also planning of buying a rubber shoes that is apt for walking or jogging so that it'll be easier for me. I'm eyeing Skechers rubber shoes and I'm gonna buy soon. As you can see, I'm wearing a tennis shoes here and on our second day of walking I got bruises even though I have socks on.

I know that proper shoes should be used to ensure there's no injury when doing certain kind of activity. Those that have problems with their feet might even need to wear lynco orthotics to relieve their sore feet. My legs are also hurting and it's due to non-stop walking for hours. I guess I might need to put a balm to relieve the pain, but it's not too bad anyway.

I will try to walk again tomorrow if I can wake up early again. I just hope this walking/jogging will get into my system so that it can also improve my health and well-being.

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