Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fun Birthdays

Birthdays will always be special no matter what age you are. If you’re turning 1 or 100 years old everyone needs to celebrate our natal day with or without a party. It’s like giving thanks to the Lord for giving us another day of existence in this beautiful world. Every month (except August), every family member of mine celebrates his or her birthday. Usually we have a cake and spaghetti if there’s no big party and it’s enough for anyone to enjoy.

 Last January 6, my nephew celebrated his 15th birthday and we had a small party exclusive for our family, classmates (only boys) and church buddies (he is one of the knights of the altar). It was fun for we also had a videoke where anyone who is brave enough to sing can show off their singing skills. The party ended with songs and laughter.

A week after that, my dog Sophie celebrated her 4th birthday. I ordered a cake for her and cooked a special lunch too. I’m not sure if she knew that it’s her birthday but upon seeing her wagging tail, I bet she enjoyed the special treatment we gave her that day. February up until December will be birthday months for us and we’re always looking forward for each month to celebrate. There will be more candles to light and to blow and one thing is for sure, birthday is a happy occasion.

When someone celebrates birthday, we usually don’t expect gifts from anyone but it sure is heart-warming to receive birthday gifts from anyone who remembered our special day. Looking for giving gifts to give can be a bit hard at times but once you know the likes or even hobby of that person then it’ll be easier for you.

Browsing online stores like Spencer Gifts that offers unique and some naughty gifts can also help in finding the perfect gift. You can even get party supplies at that store. Inject some humor to any party and for sure you’ll have a one fabulous and cool party!

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