Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ellen DeGeneres invites Aldrich Lloyd Talonding to her Show

I first saw the video of Aldrich Lloyd Talonding and his cousin at and I was in awe at how beautiful his voice is. Pinoys are known to be good singers so I will not wonder if he will become singer in the future while his cousin will be a musician keeping a voodoo labs pedal power supply for all battery-operated guitar effects that he might need to play. They are now You tube sensation and they have been invited by various local TV shows to show their talent.

Now, Ellen Degeneres wants them at her show in the US.,  good for them! I know they will receive lots of praises and applause from American audience just like what Charice and other YouTube sensation got. As of this writing, there's no news yet of the 2 boys already got a US visa to go to the US. I hope their American dream will come trough soon as their talents are worth showing to the whole world.

Here's Ellen's invitation

Here's their video that I got from YOUtube singing "Dance with my Father"

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