Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No Reason Not to be Healthy

Being healthy is what we all attain for but with the weather, pollution on the streets, food that we eat and our lifestyle; we certainly can’t keep our bodies in tip top shape all the time. I had days when I got stomach upset, migraine or colds and I have to deal with them and fortunately with rest and medicines, I was able to combat them.

It’s hard being sick and for some getting sick and going to the hospital are part of their lives already and that is so sad. If I have time I sometimes read articles about health that can keep me informed with all kinds of diseases and conditions that we call can have.

I'm trying to do my morning walking, biking and some booty exercises that can keep me going. Aside from that, I try to eat healthy foods as much as I can. I don't stay away from fatty foods or fried foods though but I just have them in moderation. There’s no more excuse not to be healthy these days.

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