Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hard Living and Getting Old Alone

My heart goes to my aunt who is in her 70's and living alone. She has no husband or any child that can help her now that she is in her senior years. She still can cook and fairly do household chores in her small house just at the back of my brother's house but I can see her struggle to walk most of the times. I am guessing this is due to arthritis or signs of getting old. I just saw her using a cane most of the times and I have so many knee walker questions that I need to know before I'll ask her to get one.

Since I don't have someone as well, I just hope and pray that there will be someone to take care of me when I grow old. If fate would turn me being single for the rest of my life then I should accept that fate and just move on. Being so sad, angry and even detach from the world are something that I don;t want to experience for I will be only be miserable.

Wishing that my aunt's health will not fail that much since she's living  alone.

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