Saturday, October 26, 2013

Maintaining the House

No matter what we do, our house will deteriorate in time. The weather and everyday use inside the house are just some factors that can make our house damage. As a a homemaker, we should be ready if repairs will be done because there are times that repairs will come unexpectedly and simultaneously.

Just the other week, our backdoor just gave up without any warning and the roof also needs some minor repair. My mom has no choice but to call her trusted all-around handyman to repair and check other things in the house. I overheard that they need some new screws, joints, nails and more and it's pretty easy now to order at their supplier. Some people even order online as reid has ample supplies for homes and industries.

Today, the desk fan of my niece got busted and sparked. Thankfully, nothing else happened except it emits a foul smell. They bought another one today and those little unnecessary expenses will add to the monthly budget.

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