Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Back to Workforce Again

My bessie is going back to workforce again soon after few months of being a wahm. She's been contemplating for many weeks now if she's going back to work since work at home jobs become scarce for a moment. She needs to work doubly hard for she has 3 kids all studying at privates schools and of course she needs to attend to their education.

With so much praying and thinking, she's going back to her old employer with a good salary that can take care of all their household and even her children's expenses. I'm sure it will not be hard for her to adjust on her new work and other office systems like the biometric fingerprint time clock that she told me before. She is hard working and very dedicated employee, mom and wife.

I'm wishing my bessie well and I hope she made the right and good decision for her family.

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