Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun Day at the Trade Show

I had the chance to join my sister in Australia on a sponsored visit visa status where I had a great vacation. We went to different tourist spots and places and that includes trade shows on days that she and her husband showed me around the city. Since the couple loved to google on new products, technologies and new home furniture offered in the market, we visited a home depot trade show. What struck me no end is the wide array of carpets on display lying beautifully on the trade show flooring. This alone caught almost everybody's attention due to the product's intricate and intriguing designs. Those carpets are actually made in Saudi Arabia and they are a common sight be it Persian or Turkish.

Every trade show participants should be extra creative in conceptualizing their booths by putting logo mats or even canopy so that they can attract more clients. There are practically lots of marketing strategies that they can incorporate there. But with what I’ve seen I’m two thumbs up already to that wide array of marketing approach and products at the trade show.

Anyway, we were able to buy few furniture pieces and we can't get over the excitement of seeing the newly purchased products. We even eagerly suggested to a friend to go and see the ongoing trade show in the city. Our visit to that trade show doesn’t stop there because we have visited other fairs and shows. I know that when I’ll have the opportunity to come back there again we’ll be going to those places will be included in our itinerary once again.

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