Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fixing Stubborn PC Problems

I was able to check on our computers few weeks back because my SIL told me that some of them keeps on freezing and our costumers are not happy about that. We have these computer rentals in our place and since different people are using the pc everyday downloading and doing many stuff there, it's not uncommon that pc will have problems after continued  and mis-use.

So to make our computers running better, I decided to reformat them so that it'll have fresh copies of Windows OS and other programs in it. It's kinda tedious work since I have to install many programs before I can let it use by our customers again. I  was able to reformat and install new programs in 4 computers in one day.

All pc are working good for the first few days after reformatting but one day, a customer told me that the pc is freezing once again so I just asked her to transfer to another pc. I was wondering why is that happening and I thought maybe it already needs a Registry repair or something else. I have to call my technician and have it check. I just wish nothing major problem will arise because it will mean more expense if a major problem will exist.

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