Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just When I Thought I Am Done

Just when I thought I am done listing all the stuff that I wanted to buy at the 1st quarter of this year, it seems that my to-buy- shopping list is going to be long even before I hit the stores. I was browsing online last night and chatting with a friend via messenger, I found some tablecloth clips from premiertablelinens.com that I need for our table when I set them up outdoors. I know it's going to keep the table cloths in place when it's a bit windy during summer. I just hope that I'll find some at our local stores.

I keep on reminding myself that I only need to buy stuff that I need and not want so I guess my list is reasonable enough for me to shell some money soon. It's not really for my personal use all of them are tools and utensils that I need to have in our kitchen soon.

Now, I think I might need to stop browsing online for a while so that my list will not get longer soon. hehe..

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