Thursday, January 10, 2013

Currently .....

1. listening - : I can hear the sound of our electric fan at the living room, the sound of mom's TV at her room, airplane passing by.

2. eating - trying to be healthy these past few days. Been eating lots of vegetables and fish. I cooked sweet and sour tilapia and crunchy tofu for lunch and dinner. For snack I have a slice of black forest cake from red ribbon

3. drinking - water the whole day. I also drink swiss miss on some days.

4. wearing - right now, my super comfy house duster.

5. feeling - sluggish and achy today. bouts of constipation and doctor gave me some laxatives and medicine to get my stomach's rhythm back into place. Feeling achy today i got my period too. Right eye is also hurting.

6. weather - kinda cool @27C - 8:42 pm. Since I have my period i wore socks earlier because my feet are too cold.

7. wanting - to finsih my 2012 Project 366 of Photo-a-day project soon

8. needing - i need to buy blender, turbo broiler etc. for my kitchen

9. thinking - about what to blog right now

10. enjoying - my days at home where I have all the time to do what I want

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