Sunday, January 13, 2013

Praying for Financial Stability

I’m so very thankful that 2012 proved to be a good year for me, work wise. I have been blessed working online since 2007 and it is something that I am always grateful for I was able to manage our finances quite well.  I reckon it’s a blessing given to me from above to become a financial support since my net café here in our neighborhood is not really picking up for years now. With the status of the business, I’m already planning of giving it up but I’m still holding on to it hoping that the situation will turn to be good in time.

Other than that, my digital designs at an online store are still rolling and the sales on the last quarter of 2012 are quite good since a lot of people are ordering gifts for their loved ones. Slow months will come again soon so the sales will just crawl once more but I don’t mind that as long I have continues earnings on many different sources. 

Now that 2013 arrived, I still have high hopes that it will be a good year once again for me as long as I will be hardworking, patient and dedicated on my work. Nothing is impossible as they say especially when you exert a lot of effort or do all you can to earn in a clean way. I may be lucky but there are many individuals who are having some financial problems. Dealing with that kind of situation is never easy most especially when you have tons of bills filing up that need to be paid. There are options that we can do to recover but the pit of debt can be debilitating for many of us. 

In the US and other countries, people can file for personal bankruptcy and you need a good certified lawyer to be on your side that will explain you all about bankruptcy laws and all.  A phoenix bankruptcy attorney can be of help to your financial woes. Their expertise can help you in the most crucial decisions about your finances and can guide and tell you more about the 3 main types of bankruptcy. Take time talking to your lawyer and discus what’s needed to be done to help you.

Am praying that I will not experience bankruptcy woes or if it will come, I sure hope and pray that I can handle and can get through it. Hoping for a good year to all of us!

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