Monday, January 7, 2013

To Buy List this 2013

I know, it's too early to be thinking about shopping and expenses at the 1st month of the year but I'm really itching to buy these stuff soon. I was suppose to buy some of the items on the list last Christmas but since the expenses are left and right so I just thought that I will just buy them this year instead.

January is also tight for I have tons of bills to pay like SSS, BIR taxes, taxes for my small business, and whole lot more. However, I already have money allotted for those bills so I'm good this month. Thank God! He is really a good provider.

I am thinking of shopping probably before the month ends so I can use my CC once again and it's already after the cut off date.. hehe. Anyway here is my To-Buy-List for 2013.

1. Turbo broiler - so that I can broil chicken and other food in it at home.
2. Blender - my mom has been asking me for the longest time to buy this but I'm always putting it aside. Since summer is coming in few months, it's also practical to buy one for we love making fruit shakes to cool us off.
3. Cake stand - so we can put birthday cakes with style every time we have an occasion
4. Small chaffing dish - so we can display foods nicely on the table

As you can notice, my list includes kitchen stuff and not for my personal use only.I'm also wishing to buy a tilt wall mount for our TV but I'll think about it first.

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