Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Old Routine Sucks

Summer is over and so is my so-called "vacation". I stayed at the house for most part of summer to work and just ask and let my sisterinlaw to take care of my small internet cafe. She agreed to do so I'm happy about it. While at home I had the luxury of working on my online works at my own time without much distractions. There are times when I'm alone at home with my dog Sophie so I had more time to do all my works but still do some houseworks. It's also nice working at home but it's boring as well.

Anyway, now I'm back to my old routine since school days are back. What I don;t like about here in the shop is that it's kinda noisy bec. we're located along the main road and customers are coming in and out as well. Not that I don't like customers to come in but when I want to concentrate on my work, that's the time when I'm distracted. Maybe, in few more days, I can adjust to my old routine once again.

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