Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Hottest Summer Ever!

Oh dear, isn’t this year’s summer the hottest ever? If you have read on some of my posts around April or May, you’ll notice that I’m always complaining about how hot our weather was. I’m not the only one whining since I’ve been hearing that from friends and reading it on other blogs. I guess when the temperature already reached as high as 37.4+ C, there’s no doubt that the heat will get into your head and it’ll make you complain. Seriously, it was said on the news that it was actually brought about by climate change and El Niño where extreme heat and drought strike us all.

It was truly so uncomfortable and if you have no aircon at home just like us you’ll just need to turn your electric fan full blast but the wind that is giving out is hot as well. It feels like there’s a hot blower coming out of the fan. I bet most of the houses have their stand or ceiling fans on all day and if you have ceiling fans chances are they’re pretty much on as well as they can make the air more fresher. Aside from giving the room some air, ceiling fans from Hunter Fan Company also gives appeal to our homes.

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