Sunday, December 2, 2007

The most wonderful time of the year

Nothing else but.. Christmas !! Oh my goodness I can really feel the Christmas air here right now. Most of the decors have already been put but I am bad I’m kinda late this year; I will just put my decors here in my shop tomorrow morning and tonight at the house. Oh well at least it’s that not that late huh..

Later this afternoon, I will be going to the nearest bookstore and mall to buy some gifts for my nephew and niece (shhh they don’t know this). I already know what I will be giving them this year. For my other godchildren, I think it is just practical to give them money instead of buying a gift that I don’t know if they like it. We will not have a renovation at the house this year, I planned on getting new curtains for my room but I don’t think it will push through though.

Anyway, for those that are renovating or looking for some cool Window Shades, I’ve been browsing online (as usual) and came across Select Blinds. I just though of sharing this here so you can check it out. They have different types from roman shades, sheer, roller and more.

I love the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition show and I just found out that they got the supplies of blinds and shades at Select Blinds and it was even recommended by Ty Pennington (show’s host). That recommendation is a stand out since the show will not get a poor second quality for house they are doing the makeover. They are also having a 25% discount for December and that is something great coz we’ll be budgeting our money for other shopping. You can check out the site now for great deals.

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