Sunday, December 2, 2007

Freak Accident

Me and my niece Reign were teasing and playing at their room last night. It was my routine to play with her before i go to sleep. I was on their bed (with sis in law) with a pillow on my body when suddenly she hopped on the bed.

She grabbed a pillow and wanted to hit me with it, i yelled NO but it was so quick that she jumped on me. I covered my breast as i know it was painful to be hit there but her head smashed onto my face directly hitting my nose. Arrghhhhh, i heard a loud click from my nose and i know it was badly hurt. I covered it with both my hands and the next thing i saw was fresh blood oozing from it like a faucet.

I was crying and i told my bro that my nose is bleeding, i rushed to my house and I immediately washed my nose with running water but the blood is still flowing. I sat on the chair with my head up and trying to pinch my nose so that the blood will stop.

Mom told me to put cold compress and in no time the bleeding stopped but i still can feel pain from my nose going to my head. I did not go to sleep right after that bec. i feared that i will not wake up in the morning again.

Thank God that my nose is still ok
, it is not swollen, but i can still feel a bit pain. I just thought i will end up having a a cracked and crooked nose.. LOL. Another lesson learned for me......

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  1. sakit naman nyan bes! talaga bumili si jiji ng kalamay saan sa kika? masarp din yung hottah!

  2. Wow i can relate to that. That happened to me one time too when my son jumped on me and my nose bleed. I was really mad at him because i already warned him that he must not do it but he still did. I guess for him he find it very fun and he is enjoying it, but boy! He half of my size already and he's only two years old. He quite a big young guy and his mommy is just a poor tiny woman. Good thing that he listens to me now everytime i tell him not to do certain things.

  3. aww, hope you feel good na... I know how it feels getting hurt in the nose, we always end up getting hurt because of our playful lil fella right here, napakasakit, mapapaiyak ka na lang talaga. ako naman puro sa breast ko ang sakit sakit pag natatamaan, masyadong makulit kasi anak ko, but yeah talagang ganun konting pag iingat lang, pero ganun talaga pag hindi inaasahan diba. =) I hope you feel good na, ouchies...

  4. Thanks for ladies for droppin by and concerns

  5. ouch! must hurt really bad. i'm glad you're okay but are you gonna see a doctor still? i think you should to make sure. :) hugs!

  6. oh wow sis ...thank God everything is alright..I can only imagine sobra sakitr nun kasi super sensitive yong nose are...hope it heals really fast

  7. My daughter does that to me all the time and she has hit every inch of me but not yet on the nose. I hope you are feeling better!

  8. i'm doing great now ladies thanks for your concerns


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