Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blogging World

You may have noticed on my side bar that I have listed the 5 blogs that I have. Actually I enjoyed writing and keeping all the blogs that I own. My blogs have different themes like shopping, personal, my digital scrapbooking, technology and more. I personally know someone that has more blogs that I have and like any other bloggers we enjoyed posting and interacting with our co-bloggers especially if they post comments and leave tags just to say hi.

Anyway, some bloggers who are keen on business or politics may find this Business Blog helpful and interesting. I stumbled on it while browsing this morning. A co-blogger named Gaurav Bhola shares expert advice and current news event stories with other Bloggers interested in business, politics, finance, health, technology and other newsworthy topics. I reckon it is also appealing to read blogs with other topics to keep ourselves well informed.

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