Thursday, July 19, 2007

I've got a new TV

Would you believe this is my 1st time to buy my own appliance just for myself? Oh yeah I just bought a new Sharp Aphrody 21” flatron TV and dvd player for my room. The TV is on sale along with the dvd player and free Tv rack. Actually I was only looking for 14” or 17” Tv to fit just right on my small room but I can’t resist the promo at the store where we bought it. If I will only buy 17” Tv and buy the dvd separately it is much more expensive, so I grabbed the promo. This is my very 1st time to buy an appliance for myself and with my own money and I am so happy!!! Wow the 20+ year old Tv that I am using in my room will finally be replaced. My old sharp Tv was too old that the channel buttons were almost all gone already. Funny thing is that every time I need to change to channel 7, I still need to get my tweezer to push the button hahaha!!. Now I have a remote control for easy changing channels.


  1. wow, you can really take a pride of it... Ako never pa nakabili nang TV ko na sa akin lang talaga hehehehe...sana int he future...hopefully

    thanks pala for leaving me4 a tag and sorry it took me so long to get back to you. The fact was your link was not right and I have to find it and finally I am here in your site hehehe...

    stay all layouts

  2. Hi Haze thanks for droppin by.. oh yeah i love my Tv now and been having a blast watching TV shows and dvd sometimes...


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