Thursday, July 19, 2007

Are you into digi scrapping ??

I am so glad that finally my mojo is back, which is great because I'm back to scrapping. There come a time when i don't feel like making a layout but lately i found myself downloading freebies stuffs from various blogs and just recently bought some ribbons. Scrapping is my way to destress from work, just like any hobby digital scrapbooking is addictive.

I had fun browsing through galleries to see other's designs and layouts. That is where i got my inspiration and idea. I hope i can scrap more as i still have lots of pictures to scrap.

If you have not tried digi scrapping, i suggest you to try it and for sure you'll get to it. Digi Scrapping just like paper s. is a way to preserve the memories. Layouts can be printed and will look like it has been paper scrapped esp. if it is 300 dpi.

For those Pinays who is into this you can join our forum Philippine Digiscrappers Forum, it is where we share our layouts, tips and tutorials. Not only that we also share anything under the sun. We have a fun and great digiscrappers. Come join us !!

Note: Credits for this layout can be seen at my digiblog


  1. i love photoediting but not into digiscrapping. i still prefer the conventional style - photo albums displayed in the living room for visitors who come to chat and gossip. hehehe!

    btw, do u have some websites on digiscrapping? maybe it's time for me to upgrade my artistic skills.

  2. hi Nice, you can still print this digiscrapping layouts at meron din albums for this kind.. it's another would be chitchat for your friends kasi di ba unique..

    here's a site to get u started

  3. Hey Jenn, I've just recently found your blog(s). Followed you over here from MyBlogLog. As a fellow scrapper I can sure relate to those stretches of inactivity at the digi-scrap desk. Sometimes it seems life gets so hectic that the digi-scrap mojo just slows to a complete stop.

    But it's always fun when it returns and especially when it comes back in masses! :D

    It's nice to meet you and I look forward to return visits in the future.

  4. Hi Cindy, i'm glad you've found my lil corner here and it's nice to have you at my blog. Oh yeah wehn mojo returns it comes in massive form . Nice to meet you as well.


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