Friday, July 20, 2007

A healthier choice

>Lately I have successfully cut off my cravings for junk foods, it will come from time to time esp if I have my period. I can eat maybe one or 2 pieces of it but not the whole pack. I am not getting any younger so I decided to remove that off my daily food intake. I’d rather eat bread than to eat a junk one. I hope I can keep up with this. Drinking Coke still remains my battle that I have to defeat; this one is goin’ to be hard I know.

Anyway, while surfing around as my daily usual routine for finding good stuffs, nice to read blogs, gossips and more I came across this site that caught my attention. Veggies in a small packet and can be drink? Hmmmm sounds so interesting. I read more about the product info and this is actually made of 95% dried whole vegetables and 5% dried whole vegetable extracts. My Daily Veggies is not a juice and not even a soup, it can be mixed with dishes to further enhance the nutritional value of it. What makes it healthier is that it contains no salt, no preservatives and no sugar.

Oh before I forget I’ve been trying not to eat canned foods as they contain too much preservatives. Mom and I just don’t love them. I am a veggie eater (but not so much though) so I reckon this My Daily Veggies product is a good alternative as a delicious filling snack. Actually they are offering a
My Daily Veggies Free Sample at their site. I believe many would try this for an alternative on the go food for a healthier living.

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