Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Travelling With Your Family Dog – Tips To Consider

Travelling with your family dog can be a wonderful experience or a true nightmare. Most people out there will believe that it is not a problem to travel with pets but that is definitely not the case. In fact, with some breeds it can be a huge problem. We should also highlight that there are dogs that simply do not feel great when they travel by car or dogs that are not used to a really long car trip. That is what every single dog owner has to understand.
In order to give you a helping hand, let us offer some really simple tips that can easily help you out. We are confident in saying that you will have a much better experience when travelling with dogs and the advice is suitable for basically any pet to some degree.

Making The Car Ride Enjoyable
This is obviously the most important part. The longer the ride, the more stressful it will be on the dog! You need to realize that even if the dog has no problem with short trips, he may end up faced with problems as you go for a longer trip. It is very important that you make the car ride really enjoyable and relaxing for the dog.

If you know that the pooch has some problems with car sickness, go to the vet for some medication. In fact, this is a really good advice even if your dog never had car sickness problems since on long trips it can happen.

One of the really easy ways to make the car ride enjoyable is to schedule many breaks. It is a tremendous way to make everything great. Also, the dog will need to go to the bathroom more often than during a normal day as he is travelling by car.

Arranging Accommodations
Too many dog owners out there simply assume that they can take their dog with them and that accommodations will not be a problem. This is a really bad approach since most hotels and motels do not allow pets. With this in mind, make sure that you take advantage of online resources like the list for dog friendly hotels by My Pawson to see what opportunities are available on your trip.

Do not simply use the internet and assume that the same policies are in place as what is written. Sometimes these sites are not actually updated for long periods of time. You have to call and when you make your reservation, ask about the dog policies that are in place. You will be surprised to notice that various motels and hotels have strict rules and in most cases you will need to pay an extra fee. Also, some of the establishments that were pet friendly in the past are not allowing pets at the moment.

The two main tips we offered above are the most important ones to consider. Besides that, what counts is listening to your dog. If you feel that he is nervous, stop. Make him feel at home when you reach your hotel room and all should be great. Also, arrange for plenty of exercise!

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