Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cropping The Video With The Help Of Software

The video making process is interesting and all sorts of filters are done to make the videos appropriate. For all sorts of video making process you have to follow the steps and that is about it. It is quite easy to crop the video in seconds. There will be multiple times when you would be requiring cropping the video so you have got all the chance to do it whenever possible.
There is no need to worry when you have to do away with the unnecessary information from the video. The important elements should be highlighted in all aspects thus it becomes utmost important to show what is required in the video. From the panel the bars are removed and then it becomes beautiful. There are ample changes that can be done to the video without any hindrance. To get the finished product look all you have to do is to remove the obstacles. The editor from Movavi is best suited for cropping the video. The video has to be added to the video creation software to enhance the look. The part that you want to crop should be highlighted and then the necessary changes should be made with saving the product in the format of your choice.

The format that supports your device should be chosen. There are certain steps that have to be followed:
•    First step is to install the program on your personal computer which has to be done by downloading the editor of video and then installing the file. The instructions have to be followed for installation of the correct software.

•    Second step is to add the video that is cropped and then the choice between the two modes. Story board and Timeline are the two modes to choose from. Videos in multiple numbers can be worked with if you use the option of Timeline Mode. Tracks of audio can also be added in that. As far as Story board is concerned all you have to do is to work with a single track at a time with images. You can also switch between the two modes by clicking on the button provided in the centre. The files of media have to be added.

•    Third step is to crop the video which can be seen before from the area of preview. The frame has to be predefined.

With such easy steps the task is complete.

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