Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Saving for the Kitchen

If graphic designing is my passion and hobby (see my digital items at my ETSY STORE: JennyLDesignsShop), I have to say that cooking is another thing that I really wanted to be good at. I'm no by means a great cook but I can cook good meals for my family that they enjoy. I guess they don;t have other choice but to enjoy my cooked dishes for they will go hungry..lol

I just envy those chefs and cooks who can prepare great dishes all teh time. I have to say that most of the times, I found myself thinking what to cook for that day. In fact, yesterday I was stuck knowing what to cook that I only end up cooking rice and asked my SIL to just buy some cooked viands for our lunch. There are really times that I don;t know what to prepare or should I say I got lazy. But when my cooking diva in me kicks in, you'll find me at the kitchen cooking a lot of dishes with a smile on my face.

In the recent years, I managed to buy durable pans that I can consider a great investment in my kitchen. It's pricey but I know I can use them for so long without worrying that I need to buy another pan. I'm eyeing a cookwear organizer like this and I'm sure that my pots and pans will be neatly organized.
I should have bought one a long time ago but now there's a good reason for me to shop soon as a birthday gift or Christmas gift for my kitchen. It's always fun to envision some new changes in the house all the time.

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